We build startups.

Technology is at our core:
We love technology, we know technology, we live technology.

Business is our passion: Together with founders, we bring startup ideas to life - across industries, regions and setups.

We embrace a startup mindset in everything we do. This is what makes us special. We don't just think about tech we think about startup success.

We have a passion for startups and the products we develop. Therefore we are very much focused on the tech product and building it for the long-term.

We love diversification. It means we can go after very bold opportunities while still being protected. For our teams it means having full security while going big.

Success speaks louder than words

Meet some of the companies we (helped) build and our setups to do it.

Internal Setup:
Meet GoParts

GoParts is our home-grown solution for the automotive aftermarket. We started GoParts within GoGroup, built the technology and brought the first customers aboard. By now we spun it out into a separate company. However we continue to build the entire technology and remain involved in all business related decisions.

In a nutshell, GoParts is revolutionising the way car parts are ordered by workshops and insurances. Our product predicts the best possible car part for a particular car based on many inputs - reducing returns from over 20% to under 5%.

Founder Setup:
Meet Trustspace

Trustspace is our advance into the cybersecurity space. We initiated Trustspace together with two ambitious founders, working together every step of the way. We are building and scaling the technology team with GoGroup, and are supporting in strategic business decisions across Product, Marketing and Sales.

Trustspace is building the Compliance-Automation solution for Europe. It enables companies of all sizes to protect their systems, processes and assets against threads. This helps companies to comply with industry standards and receive important certifications.

Accelerator Setup:
Meet First A

First A is revolutionising medicine delivery space in Europe. With their super strong team and deep industry expertise, they are a clear accelerator to build the venture up fast. While we didn't initiate the company, we partnered with the team from day 1 to grow the team together and build an amazing product and customer experience.

First A is delivering over the counter medication within just 30 minutes to end customers. To do that First A is partnering with local pharmacies.


The "label-thing"

Some people call us an agency. We are not.
Some people call us a VC. We are not.
Some people call us services. We are not.
Some people call us an accelerator. We are not.
Some people call us awesome. Well, that we are.

There are many things people call us.
We call ourselves a Startup Studio.

Whatever you want to call us, it doesn't matter.
What actually matters is:

We are building startups. Successfully.
We are dedicated to our team. Whole heartedly.
We are a very secure place to work. Happily.
We are having fun along the way. Always.

Full Focus & Dedication.

We believe that focus and passion is the basis for building successful ventures. Therefore each of our team members works with full dedication on one venture - exclusively.

With that everyone can develop a passion and a deep understanding for the product and venture. From what we saw so far, this is what fosters a great culture and mindset in the team and team-members can grow best on a personal level.


Grow with our unique ecosystem

Through our proven and successful ecosystem of founders, tech engineers, product managers, designers, and more, we can build the right path for you and grow together successfully for the long term.

Let's connect, so you can learn more.

Mentorship Opportunities

At GoGroup, we take pride in our ever-growing team of talented and inspiring people! This is also a great opportunity for you to tap into their skills and experience to accelerate your personal growth.

What if I don't have a startup idea yet?

That's okay! We do have an idea bank of ideas we can pitch to you, and if you want to come up with on on your own, we will help you do that.

Where are you located?

All over! Our team is spread out around the world, from Germany, Spain, and the UK all the way to India. Communication is no issue for us, and neither are timezones.

How can I can contact you?

Click on the envelope icon in the top right corner! As soon as you submit your request, we'll review it and get back to you as soon as possible!

Are you looking for an opportunity to take your career to the next level?

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